Discover your carry

DDC Brand Stuff Sheath

Leather sheath for holding pocket notebooks and loose paper

Koh-I-Noor Magic Pencils

Multi-colored pencils in several color combinations

Swatch Poptabon

Simple rubber watch inspired by the 2016 Rio Olympics

Saddleback Leather Passport Sleeve

Sleek, pocketable leather sleeve holds a passport and loose paper or cards

Aurora 88 Sigaro Special Edition Fountain Pen

Limited edition (688) piston-fill pen with brown lacquer finish, gold trim, and 18k gold nib

Retro 51 Bamboo Desk Display 16-Pen tray

Bamboo 16-pen case with magnetic acrylic top, black velveteen lining, and elastic bands

Dynomighty Mighty Wallet

Tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable, and recyclable Tyvek wallet available with many designs

Caran d’Ache 849 Fountain Pen

Hexagonal aluminum fountain pen with steel nib available in 7 colors

Bugle 1816 #2 Pencil – CWPE Edition

Round unfinished #2 pencil made from two contrasting slats of wood and stamped with gold foil

ForestChoice Color Pencils

FSC-certified colored pencils available in a twelve pack

Peak LED Eiger

Powerful pocket flashlight available in aluminum, stainless, or brass and runs on a AAA battery

Montegrappa Felicita Fountain Pen

Small version of the Montegrappa Fortuna pen with a steel nib, pearlized resin body, and stiff clip

Conklin Duragraph Fountain Pen – Orange Nights

Oversize flat-top resin fountain pen in new orange pattern with a #6 two-tone steel nib

Timbuk2 Messenger Bag (circa 2005)

I’ve used this bag as my EDC for my commute to work every day since I bought it in 2005.

Aurora 88 Minerali Azurite Fountain Pen

First of five limited edition (388) demonstrator piston-fill fountain pens with 18k gold nib

Kokuyo Enpitsu Mechanical Pencils – Type S

Mechanical pencils with rubber grips and twist erasers, available with 0.7, 0.9, or 1.3 mm lead

Rofis TR15

700-lumen adjustable head aluminum flashlight with clip

Conklin Duragraph

Fountain pen with an oversized resin body and a flat top

Karas Kustoms Retrakt

Machined metal click pen for G2 refills

Nitecore MT06

Easy to use penlight with clip and up to 165 lumens of output

Rhodia Treasure Box

Box of notepads (either 4 classic Rhodia pads or 3 premium R pads) and two pencils

Sailor Leather Pen Case

Leather case holds two pens plus two slots for cartridges or converters and a small pocket

Blackwing Point Guard

Semi-hexagonal aluminum pencil cap in silver or matte black