Discover your carry

Penvelope 6

6-pen holder made from leather or fabric

GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics

Smooth flowing acrylic paint

Pentel EnerGel Alloy Gel Pen

Retractable gel pen in an aluminum barrel

Nock Co. Pelican Clip Plus

Pelican clip with key ring and bottle opener available in stainless steel or brass

Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Anderson Pens Special Edition

Anderson Pens exclusive black and blue Model 2 fountain pen with choice of steel nib

Reload Flight Pack

Customizable backpack with lots of internal storage

Rhodiarama Hard Cover

Leather-covered 90g ivory vellum paper notebook with pockets, ribbon bookmark, and elastic enclosure

Machine Era Wallet

Light, thin aluminum wallet with elastic band

Bungubox Fresh Oranges of Lake Hamana

A brilliant shading orange fountain pen ink


Lamy 2000

Classic fountain pen available in makralon or stainless steel

Palomino Blue Eraser-Tipped HB Pencil

Blue incense cedar pencil with a white eraser and HB graphite

Citizen US Open Watch

Dark navy blue dial and stainless steel case with either a polyurethane or NATO strap

Franklin-Christoph Model 31 Fountain Pen

Large acrylic fountain pen available in Italian Ice or Coco Pearl

Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Bag (A5)

A thin bag with pockets for protecting an A5 notebook or tablet. Fits inside other bags.

Lukas 1862 Oil Paint

Vibrant oil paint available in 70 colors

Retro51 Joey Feldman Artist Series

Rollerball pen featuring artwork from artist Joey Feldman on the barrel and finial

Leatherman Skeletool

Lightweight stainless steel multitool with 7 tools built in


Machined highlighter pen available in copper, brass, or titanium

GUD Ultimate DLSR Pack – Laptop Edition

Large versatile backpack with compartments for camera, lens, and more.

Goulet Notebooks with Tomoe River Paper

Goulet Pens-branded notebooks with Tomoe River Paper and available in 3 sizes and 4 rulings

Supr Slim 2 Wallet

Minimalist wallet with leather exterior, microfiber interior, and elastic band

Retro 51 Vintage Flight Series 1 Pen

Limited edition Retro 51 rollerball pen celebrating hot air ballons and “vintage flight”

Kaweco Lilliput

Pocket fountain pen available in a variety of finishes

Mars Lumograph 100 Pencil

Woodcase pencil with bonded graphite available in 16 grades

Movado Edge

Designed in collaboration with Yves Béhar, available in 19 different styles